/ Terms and Conditions

The contracting of our services indicates the acceptance of the terms and conditions as well as the knowledge of the digital terms:
It is the address on the Internet, for example, www.iasoftgroup.com. All web pages need a domain. A domain is an essential requirement to have corporate emails and an online web page. Domain registration is an annual payment service, which must be renewed every year, if it is to continue working.
Physical place where corporate emails and web page files physically reside. The hosting service is necessary for your website to be on the Internet. The hosting service is of a shared type, with an operation of 99%. The hosting service is used for web pages and corporate emails, the bandwidth and disk space is delimited by the contracted plan; in case the client exceeds the capacity, he must contact the supplier.
The client is responsible for the proper use of the systems and accesses (users and passwords).
The provider is not responsible for the inappropriate use made by third parties on behalf of the client.
The provider reserves the right to suspend and / or eliminate domain and hosting services, in case the client breaches the terms and conditions and / or takes harmful actions to third parties.
They are emails with the suffix that represents a domain of a company or business.
For a corporate email to exist, domain and hosting services are necessary.
Example of corporate email:  ventas@iasoftgroup.com
  • The costs of the domains and hosting are annual, and have to be renewed every year.
  • The Client is responsible for the proper use of the mail; It also agrees not to spam, otherwise the email providers (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, among others) reserve the right to cancel / block email accounts.
  • Corporate email services do not include physical and / or remote configuration in Microsoft Outlook and / or other programs, configuration on cell phones, or visits to customer facilities.
  • Access to corporate emails will be through the virtual Webmail platform.
  • The client agrees not to send unwanted e-mail, spam, whether in letters of presentation and / or sending of promotions or other types of advertising, which the client / prospect has not requested.
  • The client is responsible for the proper use of the email management systems.
  • Costs do not include home or office charges.
  • The provider is not responsible or guarantees the integrity of the data, due to the interruption of the service due to non-payment after the date.
  • Service reactivation time: 01 - 02 business days after payment is confirmed (deposit / transfer).
  • Prices dependent on the foreign currency exchange rate.
  • Renewals are made after payments are confirmed (payments can be made until the day of the renewal).
  • Costs do not include visits to customer facilities.
  • The digital payment documents: Invoice and Ballots, are sent in digital PDF format, and via email
  • Payment methods: Deposit in bank account. Wire transfer.
  • They are digital files, to present multimedia information on a topic. In some cases they are supported by content management systems (CMS) and databases.